"Woman in Gold: The dramatic story of a family's battle to win back five Klimt masterworks... is the subject of the documentary film, "Adele's Wish".                                   

         The Globe and Mail  -  April 2, 2015 - Updated May 15, 2018 by SImon Houpt

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"Stolen art... stonewalling politicians... and one feisty octogenarian"

 The Globe and Mail - FEb. 20, 2019 - Updated April 28, 2018 by Kamal Al-Solaylee

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"Maria Altmann, pursuer of looted paintings, died on February 7th, aged 94"

The Economist - Obituary Feb. 7, 2011

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"Adele's Wish tracks return of seized Gustav Klimt paintings"

          The Georgia Straight - November 26, 2008 by Jessica Werb

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"Long-awaited justice...a woman's six-year legal battle for restitution...
interviews with key players in the case make Altmann's story come alive"

The Jewish Independent - December 12, 2008 by Adrianne Fitch

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"The film is as informative as it is thrilling. The story is told as a series of interviews with many people - lawyers, professors, historians and Altmann herself - seamlessly edited together as a continuing narrative..."

The Canadian Jewish News - Feb. 19, 2009 by Joseph Serge

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